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Proven experts in innovative design of DC/DC power converters. Our simple, easy DC/DC solutions power broad range of applications with high efficiency, wide input voltage and cost effective form factors.

Design Flexibility w/ plug & Play & DIY Options

Up to 3-5% Higher Efficiency

Reduces Solution Size by up to 40%




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Success Stories

New MPS mEZ Power Module Achieves Success in Telecom Application

Small but Powerful Dual 30A mEZD81260A Paves the Way for Power Modules

MPS was recently able to help a telecom device manufacturer achieve success in a critical design with one of our new mEZ modules. The device needed to be space-efficient and have optimal load transient performance, which are common design issues. We had the solution with our mEZD81260A. The mEZD81260A is an open-frame power module with dual 30A or a single 60A rail programmable by a PMBus, a 5-16V input, a 45mV peak-to-peak voltage ripple at 50-100% load transient, and a peak efficiency of up to 93% at 30A load current. Our mEZ products can achieve excellent thermal performance due to their open-frame structure, which allows external airflow to cool down the module. Current sharing balances the load and thermal on two phases. The small 14x25x6.5mm LGA package saves both board space and cost, making this module smaller, more efficient, easier to use, and provides much less time-to-market than similar competitor parts.

The mEZD81260A is not currently available but will be released to the general market soon.