Ultrasound High Voltage Analog Switch Multiplexer

Eliminate High Voltage Supplies

Features & Benefits

  • No high voltage supplies needed for ease of use
  • Up to ±90V transmit amplitude for deeper ultrasound images
  • 12.5 Ω typical switch resistance for clearer images
  • 80MHz clock speed to increase frame rate
  • Integrated output bleed resistor
  • 48-Lead TQFP

Product Overview

The MPS proprietary high voltage analog switches are designed to multiplex the transmit and receive signals to and from multiple piezoelectric transducers in a medical ultrasound imaging system without the need of any high voltage positive or negative supplies. During the transmit cycle, it can block or pass transmit signals of up to ±90V. During the receive cycle, it behaves as a low noise 12.5 Ω resistor or block with an off-isolation of -60dB at 5.0MHz. Eliminating the need for high voltage positive and negative supplies will provide designers a simple and easy solution for the multiplexing.

Ultrasound Product Family

Part # Status  # of Ch. Pos. High Voltage Neg. High Voltage Switch Config.  Vsig Max. Rsw Typ. Output Resistor? Package


Active  16 None Required None Required  SPST ±90V 12.5 Ω No TQFP‑48


Active 16 None Required None Required  SPST ±90V 12.5 Ω Yes TQFP‑48


Coming Soon 32 None Required None Required  SPST ±90V 14 Ω No 10x10 QFN‑72


Coming Soon 32 None Required None Required  SPST ±90V 14 Ω Yes 10x10 QFN‑72

Eval Kit

The EV4816A-04 is an evaluation board for the MP4816A, a high voltage 16-channel analog switch. The MP4816A is designed for medical ultrasound application. It can also be used for non-destructive test (NDT) as the application is very similar to medical ultrasound.
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